Union Territories

Union Territories

U.T are those areas which are under direct administrative control of Central Government.  This  is a Conspicuous departure from federalism in India .

Creation of Union Territories

Why they are created ?

Different reasons

Political & Administration  considerations Delhi & Chandigarh
Cultural Distinctiveness Pondicherry, Daman & Diu , Dadra & Nagar Haveli
Strategic Importance Andaman & Nicobar + Lakshadweep
Special Treatment of Backward & Tribals Mizoram, Manipur, Tripura(later granted statehood)

Administration of Union Territories

  • Article 239 to 241 of Part VIII
  • Administered by  President through Administrator appointed by him. But Administrator is just agent of President & not head of U.T like Governor
  • Different Nomenclature for agent –  Lt. Governor (LG), Administrator & Chief Commissioner
  • Pondicherry(1966) & Delhi(1992) are provided with Legislative Assembly . But this doesn’t diminishes the supreme control of President & Parliament over them
  • Parliament can make law over all three lists and this power extends to Delhi & Pondicherry too . But in addition with that their Legislative Assemblies can also make laws on state & concurrent list( in case of conflict , central law prevails )
  • President can make regulations for peace & good governance of U.Ts of A&N, Lakshadweep, Dadra &Nagar Haveli and Daman &Diu (not Chandigarh) & these regulations have force of Act of Parliament
  • Parliament can establish High Court for U.T or put it under Jurisdiction of High Court of adjacent state (Note : only Delhi has separate High Court)
  • Constitution don’t contain  separate provisions for administration of acquired territories & same provisions apply to them as that of Union Territories

Home Minister’s Advisory Committees for U.T

  • Made under Government of India(Allocation of Business) Rules 1961
  • Made for all 5 UTs without legislature
  • Consist of Administrator + Member of Parliament + Members from Local Bodies
  • Committee discuss general issues relating to social & economic development of U.Ts

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