Importance of Rajya Sabha and Should it be removed

Importance of Rajya Sabha and Should it be removed

Article deals with important debate in Indian polity ie Importance of Rajya Sabha and Should it be removed ?

Importance of Rajya Sabha

Federal Chamber Strong ideological role to play in Federal polity of India =>  representatives of each state represent and protect interest of their states  
Revising Chamber As a Second Chamber, it has the mandate to secure a second sober look at hasty legislation.  
Deliberative Chamber Rajya Sabha takes pride in the quality of debates it has held ever since its inception.
– 12 Members noted for their contribution to literature, science, art and social service are nominated to RS   
Chamber of Continuity Rajya Sabha is a permanent Chamber, not subject to dissolution  which is needed in a Parliamentary System to meet the legislative and constitutional contingency at a time when the popularly elected House may be under dissolution  
Representation to eminent members Provides  for representation of eminent society members via nomination who otherwise may not participate in elections.   

Arguments for removing Rajya Sabha

  • It stalls progress. Same point was raised by Professor Shibban Lal Saksena in  Constitutional Assembly.
  • Rajya Sabha has become parking spot for politicians not able to win their Lok Sabha seats.
  • Considered to be a delaying house, which prolongs the bill passing procedure.
  • Seats are bought and votes are sold vitiating the whole political atmosphere because of the limited electoral base.
  • Allotment of seats in Rajya Sabha to states on the basis of population &  which is against Federal principles. Control over few big states is more than enough to scuttle the voice of numerous smaller states  .

Side Topic : Why certain powers not given to Rajya Sabha?

Rajya Sabha is elected by the MLAs and not directly by the people. Therefore,  Constitution stopped short of giving certain powers to the Rajya Sabha.  Members of Lok Sabha  are directly elected by the people and they are given  the crucial powers of removing a government and controlling the finances.

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