New Farmers Movement

New Farmers Movement

In this article , we will  deal with topic titled ‘New Farmers Movement’


  • Farmer’s movements burst onto the National political stage in 1980 with the road and rail roko agitation in Nasik, Maharashtra led by the Shetkari Sangathana of Sharad Joshi. Sharad Joshi articulated the ideology of the movement in terms of India V/s Bharat, industrial V/s rural.


  • In 1986, in Muzaffarnagar, U.P. Mahendra Singh Tikait, presided over a gathering of lakhs of villagers before which the CM of UP had been forced to appear in person to announce his acceptance of their demand for reduction of electricity charges to the old level.


  • In the 1980’s emerged widespread grassroots mobilization of rural dwellers like in
    • Tamil Nadu led by Viva Sayigal Sangam
    • Karnataka led by Rajya Ryothu Sangha
    • Punjab and Haryana led by Bhartiya Kisan Union
    • Gujarat led by Kisan Sangh
    • Maharashtra led by Shetkari Sangathana

These above mentioned New Farmers Movements especially in 1980s have attracted much media and political attention and focused mainly on

  • demanding remunerative prices for agricultural produce
  • lowering or elimination of government dues such as canal water charges, electricity charges, interest rates and principal of loans, etc

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