Women Movements

Women Movements 

In this article , we will  deal with topic titled ‘Women Movements’


Immediately after two decades of independence, the overall feelings with respect to women’s issues were concerned with required legislative reforms. Many acts were passed to translate namesake equality into true spirits, like special Marriage Act 1954, the Hindu Marriage Act (1956), Inter State Succession Act (1956) and Dowry Prohibition Act 1961 were enacted.


There were three prominent women organization, which were still working for the women’s cause

    • All India women’s conference (AIWC)
    • National Federation of Indian women (1954)
    • All India Democratic Women’s Association (AIDWA since 1981)

Neither of them had direct political affiliations, but AIWC is known to have close links with Congress, the NFIW with the CPI and AIDWA with CPM.


Mid 1970’s were watershed years in Indian Politics. Series of locally organised &  intense popular struggle broke out. Eg,

    • United women’s Anti Price Rise Front, which turned into a mass movement of women for consumer protection
    • Chipko Movement for environment protection
    • Bodhgaya movement for women’s land rights.
    • Nationwide protest were organised around specific incident like the Mathura Rape Case (1978), Jessica Lal Murder case, the latest ones were Nirbhaya Case Delhi (2012).
  • There is growing demand for women’s safety, dignity, employment, and reservation in Assemblies and Parliament
  • Various NGOs have also contributed a lot in women emancipation . Eg SEWA .
  • But there are many rape cases and violence against women happening in the country despite enormous laws.

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