Steps to make Parliament more effective

Steps to make Parliament more effective

Following steps can be taken to increase the effectiveness of Parliament :-

1 . Role of Parliamentary Committees

  • Parliamentary Committees are kind of mini parliament in itself  .
  • Larger number of bills should be referred to Parliamentary Committees as its membership is  representative of Parliament  .

2. Increasing Plenary Time

  • Parliament is supposed to meet roughly 100 days per year but significant portion of that time is lost to parliamentary obstructionism . Data shows that number of working days have decreased
    • 140 days a year in the 1950s
    • 65 days over the past five years.
  • NCRWC Recommendation : provision of 100 obstruction free days for parliamentary working can be made mandatory by law (each obstruction free day is defined as 5hour/day) 

3. Parliament Budget Office  (PBO)

  • A Parliamentary Budget Office (akin to the US Congressional Budget Office)would help MPs provide effective oversight.

4. Shadow Cabinet

  • Under such a system, opposition MPs track a certain portfolio, scrutinize its performance and suggest alternate programs.  

5. e-petition System

  • Under this system, If 10 lakh people sign a petition , PM or minister concerned will have to reply to it.

6. Tackling delegated legislation

There is committee on Subordinate Delegation

  • Parliament has made this committee to assure that Delegated Legislation are in broad conformity with Legislation .
  • This Committee need to be strengthened.

7. Role of Speaker

  • Speakers have failed spectacularly wrt upholding the rules of parliamentary conduct & punishing errant MPs

8. Increasing Women Representation

  • Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha have not seen women MPs cross the 15% mark.
  • Passage of the Women’s Reservation Bill (108th amendment) reserving 33% of all seats in Parliament and State legislatures for women.

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