We will deal with the whole syllabus of Environment in this series. The civilspedia.com team will try to cover both static as well as current topics.


  1. Introduction to Biodiversity
  2. Biodiversity Conservation
  3. Conventions related to Biodiversity Conservation
  4. Organizations for Biodiversity Conservation
  5. Legal Provisions regarding Biodiversity Conservation
  6. Wildlife Protection Schemes


Air Pollution

  1. Air Pollution
  2. Air Pollution in Indian Cities (especially Delhi)
  3. Stubble Burning
  4. Indoor Air Pollution

Water Pollution

  1. Water Pollution
  2. Eutrophication and Algal Bloom
  3. Namami Gange Program

Marine Pollution

  1. Marine Pollution
  2. Oil Spills
  3. Mercury Poisoning


  1. Noise Pollution
  2. Light Pollution
  3. Persistent Organic Pollutants

Climate Change

  1. Concept of Climate Change
  2. Impacts and Evidence of Climate Change